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About ASPEL :

ASPEL as a young company aims primarily customer satisfaction with the team whose members are all experts within their fields thanks to the years of experience and expertise that has been gained in industry. Primary objective of the company is to grow with its customers and suppliers and to be the preferred Turkish brand abroad as well.

ASPEL carries out the R&D studies of all its products with its own resources and gives life to all products with its own staff including mechanical design. Customer and user demands determine our primary route in our R&D studies.

Our company’s main principle is manufacturing and marketing high-quality, safe and environmentally responsible products independent of any cost concerns.

On top of manufacturing and marketing high quality products, another important principle of our company is to constitute customer satisfaction through fast and reliable after-sales services in order not to leave any unresolved problem on customer side so that customers can always feel that we accompany them in case of a help.

As ASPEL family, we will continue to work constantly with all our energy to offer ambitious, respectful and time oriented solutions to each request that is related with our activity areas without giving any sacrifice from our principles.


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